Spectator Entry

Spectators may normally enter the O2 Arena 2 hours before the event. This may be changed based upon an agreement between the event promoter and the O2 Arena Operator.

Spectators enter the O2 Arena by the North entrance located on the 1st Floor accessible from Ocelarska St., the Ceskomoravska underground station and Sokolovska tram stops. This entrance in the O2 Arena features 18 turnstiles and 2 gates for people with disabilities.

If large spectator attendance is expected, spectators may also use the South entrance located on the 2nd Floor accessible from Ceskomoravska St tram stop and the Nadrazi Liben train station. Visitors take an escalator to get from the 2nd Floor to the 1st Floor where they can enter the O2 Arena via 12 turnstiles.

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