Any time you come to the O2 Arena we are ready to convince you of your excellent choice!

The O2 Arena catering team consists of top professionals following gastronomic trends and searching for quality ingredients and products. This allows to provide both fast food refreshments and the exclusive catering on the club and sky box floors to always be of the highest quality.

The O2 Arena has extensive technological facilities, such as the central kitchen and several satellite kitchens, the central large-capacity warehouse and a number of mobile technologies. This is why our team can easily serve 13,000 customers coming to the fast food stands and prepare another 4,000 full course meals for VIP floor and corporate area visitors participating in events which take place over several days.

However, that is not the end. Every event brings with it artists, athletes and their implementation teams. And we take care of them as well as of the spectators. Many have tried our services out – New York Rangers hockey players or music stars such as Kylie Minogue and Leonard Cohen.

Gastronomie - O2 arenaAs we amuse our guests on the stage as well as in our restaurants, we provide them with both the delicious food and inspirational services. They could even join Caribbean pirates at the dinner party held on the occasion of a concert by Hans Zimmer, the composer of blockbuster film music.

The work is shared by our permanent team and up to 500 part time workers who help take care of our visitors. If you are interested in a part time job, use the following CONTACT information.


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