Business Units

The O2 Arena business units for lease meet all the usually required standards: room size, relaxation areas, foliage, refreshments, restroom, transportation accessibility, fast connection to the city centre and international roadways and the following highways: E55, E65, E67, D1 and D11, easy access from the outside and convenient parking. The building is continuously monitored by CCTV. Tenants can enjoy exclusive business unit location in unconventional and unique glass ring following the O2 Arena periphery.

Sizes of areas for lease

Area No.:Area size:Area No.:Area size:
40184,30 m2425109,47 m2
40374,09 m242759,44 m2
40536,49 m243959,47 m2
40736,52 m244154,59 m2
40974,18 m2443108,82 m2
41186,70 m2445109,32 m2
413108,19 m2447108,72 m2
415109,34 m2449108,28 m2
41753,52 m2451109,62 m2
421108,95 m2453109,32 m2
423108,19 m2