Luxury, comfort, privacy, and a great view – these are the privileges of Event-box users. Presence in this privately-closed storey of O2 Arena is an exclusive right of prosperous companies whose management receives a many times proven competitive advantage from the Event-box.

Event-box is a high-class suite where you will find a large living room and a balcony with three rows of ten private seats next to a hallway with a rest room and a dressing room. Max. capacity is 30 people. You can watch your programme both from the stand and comfortably from the bar. The interior features a kitchenette, bar and stylish furniture, as well as state-of-the-art technology – phone and internet connection/Wi-Fi, audio-visual equipment or a flat screen TV.

Primary Benefits

  • Primary Benefits
  • A convenient package „all inclusive – all in one“, flat rate
  • Capacity of 30 seats, 30 tickets
  • Exclusive menu and catering, including a package of selected beverages throughout the whole event
  • 4 VIP parking spaces in the O2 Arena underground garages
  • Uniformed service staff – waiters, hostesses – included
  • Separate VIP entry to O2 Arena
  • Access 90 minutes before the start of the event
  • Possibility ‘to chill out’ up to one hour after the event
  • Utilization of your firm branding