Above & Beyond: Group Therapy 350 a TRANSMISSION festival

Above & Beyond: Group Therapy 350 a TRANSMISSION festival

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Promoter’s terms and conditions – UM Production s.r.o.

By buying the ticket participant agrees with Rules for visitorsgeneral and business terms and conditionsand promoter’s terms and conditions and he / she is obliged to follow the rules while visiting Transmission festival.

Participant is obliged to pass through a security screening at the entrance on site performed by security. The screening also covers the backpacks, bags, handbags being brought and participant is obliged to enable a check of the individual objects being brought in. If the participant refuses the security screening, he / she will not be allowed to enter the venue. 

Participant agrees to the gratuitous use of film recording, photographic recording, audio recording or other recording that the organizer or the authorized persons by him have made during the event.

Photographing and production of audio visual recording using professional technology during the event is prohibited without prior accreditation by promoter. 

The entry to festival is allowed to people over the age of 18.

Ticket authorizes participant for SINGLE entry. Repeated entry is not allowed. After leaving the venue ticket and wristband are invalidated.

Promoter reserves the right to change program, place and date of event. The money received for sold tickets will not be refunded, tickets can’t be exchanged. 

The promoter does not assume responsibility for tickets purchased by participants outside the promoter's official ticketing network.

United Music presents an exclusive weekend full of dance music when on Friday the 11th of October, the legendary trio Above & Beyond will showcase their yearly Above & Beyond Group Therapy 350 show (ABGT350) and on Saturday the 12th of October you will witness a new spectacular edition of Transmission festival which always ensures a unique world-class top-notch audiovisual experience. Don't miss out and enter the magic of both nights!

To guarantee a comfortable experience for both nights, the maximum capacity of the O2 arena will be reduced compared to the previous years, so make sure you will buy one of the available tickets as quickly as you can.