Global Champions Prague PlayOffs

Global Champions Prague PlayOffs

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Appendix No. 2

Organizer’s instructions - Global Champions Prague Playoffs 2018



1.         The ticket is valid only for the particular day, hour, event, venue and seat. It is valid only with the counterfoil, and entitles its holder to one entry only. The ticket loses its validity after leaving the event’s venue. Additional adjustments make the ticket invalid too. In case of a ticket expiring, its damage, destruction, loss or theft, the ticket cannot be exchanged, replaced or otherwise compensated. Any further transfer, sale or invalidation of the ticket without the written consent of the organizer or attempted resale at a price higher than the printed one on the ticket will invalidate it. Holders of such tickets will be denied entry to the event venue or will be guided out, and it would create the reason for seizing the ticket without refund of its nominal price or other compensation.

2.         The ticket is an official document. Its forgery and alteration is forbidden. The organizer will deny entry to the event to all holders of such tickets.

3.         The paid ticket is non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. In case of canceled event, the responsibility of the ticket-refund lies on the organizer. If the event is canceled, the ticket holder makes a claim on the ticket-refund according to the organizer’s instructions. Service charges are not refundable. Refund of special costs (e.g. hotel, travel expenses) is not rendered. Changes of the program are reserved. The date and time of the program may be changed without notice.

4.         It is forbidden taking photographs and making video and sound recordings during the event, including breaks, except for small compact cameras. It is also forbidden to bring movie cameras, professional cameras and tablets into the building, and it is forbidden to use laser pointers too.

5.         The organizer grants ticket discounts to wheelchair users (with ID cards for disabled) and their guides. The organizer offers a 50% discount for children up to 140 cm for the 9 a.m. performance on December 15, 2018.

6.         When fulfilling the obligations arising from the sale of the tickets, the company IRSNet s.r.o. will comply with the applicable Business Terms and Conditions for providing of the ticket service for sport and cultural events through the Ticketportal sales network. The current terms and conditions are available at


Prague will host A WORLD JUMPING Galashow In december

The world’s biggest showjumping series – Global Champions Prague PlayOffs 2018 – is coming to the Czech capital. The premiere of this prestigious competition, starring elite horses and riders from all over the world, will be held in O2 arena this years from December 13th to December 16th, organized by Czech Equestrian Team.

„Prague PlayOffs jumping event is an event of exceptional significance – within the competitions, more than €11.5 million will be used as prize money, which promises the attendance of the best riders and horses from all over the world. From showjumping’s point of view it is a unique event, we have not held a similar equestrian event in Czech republic so far,” says Jan Andrlík, organization committee president.

During four days, 16 world’s best showjumping teams will present themselves in the ring of O2 arena. Prague PlayOffs as a brand new competition format is the peak of the season’s series of Longines Global Champions Tour and of team competition Global Champions League, which are both starring the top riders and horses. 

What competition it is?

In 2006, the gold medalist from the Barcelona Olympic Games 1992, Jan Tops, founded Longines Global Champions Tour, showjumping competition series of five-star showjumping events of the highest category, where the world´s biggest stars collect points to towards individual rankings. The last round in Qatar´s capital Doha then decides the Tour champion.

In 2016, Global Champions League, set for teams, joined the project. Global Champions League is unique event as the teams are made up of riders of different nationalities, which does not exist in any other equestrian competition.

Prague’s O2 arena will host Global Champions Prague PlayOffs as the peak of the teams competition – so-called Super Cup. Only 16 best teams qualify for this part of the competition. From Thursday’s quarterfinals, 12 teams make it to Friday’s semifinals, and only the best 6 teams will compete in Sunday’s finals. The winning team will receive unprecedented prize of €3 millions.

Another peak of the Prague’s event is Longines Global Champions Super Grand Prix, a unique Grand Prix meant for the winners of main competitions of all 16 rounds of Longines Global Champions Tour, held in 2018. 

Global Champions League 2018

The world jumping series, Global Champions League, has altogether 17 rounds – this season is starting soon in Mexico City (March 22nd – 25th), and the last round will be held in Prague (December 13th – 16th). 

In Global Champions League, a pair of riders picked from 5-members teams is starting at the competition. The teams are made under strict rules, so that there are the best riders from the world, and at the same time, there must be one member in each team under 25 years of age.

The Czech Republic will be represented by Prague Lions team during Global Champions League 2018. The team members are: one of the most experienced showjumping rider Aleš Opatrný, talented young rider Anna Kellnerová, and three foreign riders: Niels Bruynseels from Belgium, Gerco Schröder from the Netherlands, and Holger Wulschner from Germany.

Ticket Prices for PRague PlayOFFs from 490,- CZK

Daily ticket prices for the world's biggest event of showjumping series – Global Champions Prague PlayOffs 2018 –  start from 490 CZK. Ticket sale for the prestigious competition, starring elite horses and riders from all over the world, that will be held in O2 arena from December 13th to December 16th, is going to start on Monday, 26th March 9.00 o 'clock.

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