World Floorball Championships 2018

Date 1. 12. 2018, 12:00 - 9. 12. 2018, 10:00
Place O2 arena, Prague
Organizer Český florbal s.r.o. Organizer's instructions
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EUR 4 - 88


Wheelchair + escort:

EUR 150 - 600 + 1

Box Offices
Box office - entry no. 10
Working days 13.00 - 18.00
Event day 10.00 - to 1 hour after the start of the event




The World Floorball Championships 2018 („WFC 2018“) Arena Rules apply as soon as a person enters the premises in which an official competition of the WFC 2018 will occur (O2 arena and Arena Sparta Podvinný Mlýn - "Arenas"). They shall remain in full force and effect until such person left the Arenas.


If a person violates these rules, he/she shall be subject to a sanction to be imposed by police officers, other assigned officers, security guards and/or other duly authorized security personnel.




The ticket holder is obliged to carry it for the duration of his stay in the Arenas at all times and to submit it for control to the organizer on request. The ticket is valid only for mentioned day, hour, event, venue, seat.

Anyone entering the Arenas (including children) must have their own ticket and the designated seat. Ticket prices are unified.

The ticket entitles to repeatedly enter the Arenas. At the same time, a valid O2 arena ticket on the same day will allow to visit matches in Arena Sparta Podvinný mlýn for free.


By purchasing the ticket, the visitor agrees with the Visiting regulations and the WFC 2018 Arena rules, and undertook to drive them during their visit to the Arenas.


Ticket holder is not allowed to use his/her ticket for advertising and/or marketing purposes (e.g. organisation of competitions and consumer lotteries). Against such conduct organizer will undertake legal action.

The Organiser cannot guarantee the validity of tickets bought outside the official ticket seller Ticketportal..



The Arenas have the right to check all luggage and clothing that will be brought inti the Arenas – also the electronic devices are also subject to control.




No alcohol or tobacco will be sold to persons younger than 18 years of age. A valid proof of age must be pre­sented if requested.




Smoking is prohibited in the Arenas, including electronic cigarettes.



Persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance shall not be admitted to the Arenas.


After entering the Arenas, persons shall not be allowed to:

  • Act aggressively in a way that may endanger security, public health, public order, the uninterrupted continuation of the match or the reputation of the International Floorball Federation, the Czech Floorball and the Local Organizing Committee (“LOC”);
  • Make any declarations, statements or other actions that show a certain national, political, religious, ethnic or racial attitude or, belief or that may trigger violence, racism, religious disputes or xenophobia;
  • Damage any part of the Arenas or property of any other person;
  • Climb on the seats or any other structure inside the Arenas;
  • Stand in the aisle, on the stairs or on the seats, to defend the views of other spectators;
  • Throw any objects on the playing field;
  • Public match score online for any commercial purposes, betting needs;
  • Participate in any form of betting except for the official betting partner In the Arenas;
  • Do any public research or survey, distribute promotional items, ask for donations, run any other commercial or political activities;
  • Perform any kind of own marketing activities outside and within the Arenas, presenting any political party or movement.




The following items are forbidden for the convenience and safety of fans and players:

  • Alcohol, drugs or any food and beverage items (with the exception of items for substantiated health rea- sons)
  • Oversized luggage
  • Umbrellas (that cannot be folded), pressurized items, glass, cans or PET bottles of any kind
  • Drones, flares, fireworks
  • Flag poles
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades
  • Baby buggies
  • Any kind of flammable/explosive substances, liquids or gases or other flammable substances including but not limited to fireworks,
  • Any dangerous items such as all kinds of knives including pistol replicas or funny explosive objects
  • Binoculars, telescope, laser pointers and strobe lights
  • Selfie sticks
  • Walkie-talkies, phone jammers and radio scanners
  • Perfumes, lacquers or spray deodorants - more than 100 ml
  • Pets or animals (excluding service animals)
  • Political or commercial advertising materials, offensive symbols, banners or signs
  • Any leaflets, objects or clothing bearing political, religious, racist, malicious, aggressive, agitating statements or overt commercial identification intended for ‘ambush marketing’
  • Tripods, cameras, recording devices; any kind of recording equipment; a ban on data and statistics transfer for commercial purposes (including sports betting)
  • Any photo camera with telephoto lens above 150mm focal length (only accredited photographers are allowed to use photographic or broadcast equipment for commercial purposes)
  • Cameras with interchangeable lenses


In addition, there are items that are allowed inside the Arenas only as exceptions, but subject to special security controls:

  • Musical instruments, whistles, megaphones, and other audio devices
  • Notebooks, tablets and similar devices




By purchasing a ticket to the WFC 2018 you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by the WFC 2018 and its ticketing agent Ticketportal and the disclosure of information between Ticketportal and the WFC 2018 for the purposes of ticketing, event manage­ment, event safety, surveys and marketing, including the promotion of the WFC 2018 and related events, offers from the WFC 2018 and from third parties who have a relationship with the WFC 2018 about their events, pro­ducts and services.

You consent to being photographed, filmed and recor­ded at the WFC 2018. You also consent to use of any film, image or recording of you at the WFC 2018 at the discretion of the WFC 2018, the Arenas, its commercial part­ners, broadcasters, media and news agencies without compensation or further notice.




Any person attending the WFC 2018 expressly acknowledges that it is not a public event and that the event may not be recorded in any way.


Persons may not record or transmit any sound, moving or still image or description or any result or statistic of the game other than for private use.


No photos or videos shot on the WFC 2018 by camera, mobile phone, and other devices may be used for commercial purposes.




In the event of the emergency visitors shall remain calm and follow the rules and instructions given by the police officers, other assigned officers, security guards and/or other duly authorized security personnel. Otherwise the LOC bears no responsibility for unfavorable consequences for visitors’ lives, health and property.


In case a visitor violates the fire safety rules and that caused the operation of the fire alarm system (including those caused by smoking in the Arenas) the LOC bears no responsibilities for the breakdown of the event due to the emergency evacuation.


The LOC bears no responsibilities for any harm to life, health and property of a visitor if that harm was caused by the violation of these rules by a visitor.




Unless granted by the Organiser, any advertising performance is prohibited, visitors are not allowed to conduct any business activities, distribute or sell newspapers, magazines, printed materials, advertising materials and/or objects of any kind inside the Arena and in its immediate vicinity. Offenders shall be ordered to leave the Arena and its immediate vicinity without any entitlement to a ticket refund or compensation. Organizer hereby does not renounce its right to take legal action against such acts.


The Organiser provides a first aid service to visitors via visibly branded medical staff. Healthcare sites are properly identified and their locations are marked in the Arena's information board system.



Emergency calls                                 112

Police                                                 158

Ambulance service                             155

Fire Department                                  150


World Floorball Championships back in Prague after ten years!

After ten years, the biggest floorball event of the world, the men's World Floorball Championships, is coming back to the Czech Republic. 16 best teams, the biggest floorball stars, elite matches - all that can be seen in the O2 arena and Arena Sparta Podvinný Mlýn in Prague on December 1-9, 2018.

Sixteen participating teams will be divided into four groups (A, B, C, and D). Top teams are seeded in groups A and B. In the group stage each team plays other once. The two best teams of groups A and B proceed directly to the quarter-finals. Teams placed 3rd  and 4th in groups A and B and the teams placed 1st and 2nd in groups C and D make it to the first play-off round (played before the quarter-finals).

The second stage brings the usual play-off format together with placement matches.

ATTENTION: the prices in EUR are only indicative. All payments should be made in Czech Crowns and will be counted according to a current Exchange rate.

ATTENTION: It is possible that the times and order of matches will change due to TV broadcast (the day of the match remains always the same). The times given on tickets are informational. Exact times will be announced shortly before the tournament starts .

Tickets bought for matches in O2 arena are also valid for matches in Arena Podvinný mlýn (only at the same day) until the fulfilment of the Arena capacity. In Arena Sparta Podvinný Mlýn, seating is not numbered. Thus, you can choose your seat upon arrival based on your preference and availability.

Tickets to matches played only in Arena Sparta Podvinný mlýn are available also separately on-line (see above) or at the venue 60 minutes before the match. At the venue.

For Friday 7.12. and final weekend we recommend fans to use the following “fan sectors” :

Finnish fans: 107,108
Swiss fans: 116,117
Swedish fans: 118,119

Any other information could be found on  

You can make a so-called group order (more than 6 tickets) with Ticketportal using the email address or at +723 085 485 on work days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Disabled card holder - only wheelchair bound spectators and their accompaniment
Prices for the wheelchair bound spectators and their accompaniment are determined as follows:
Disabled wheelchair user:
Tickets to special sectors

1. 12. 2018 / all day - 300 CZK
2. 12. 2018 / all day - 300 CZK
3. 12. 2018 / morning session - 150 CZK
3. 12. 2018 / afternoon session - 200 CZK
4. 12. 2018 / morning session - 150 CZK
4. 12. 2018 / afternoon session - 350 CZK
5. 12. 2018 / morning session - 150 CZK
6. 12. 2018 / afternoon session - 350 CZK
7. 12. 2018 / afternoon session - 350 CZK
8. 12. 2018 / all day - 500 CZK
9. 12. 2018 / all day - 600 CZK
Ticket -  CZK 1 in the same sector
Orders can be sent by e-mail to, or by phone number + 420 723 085 485 (working days from 9 am to 5 pm).
It is necessary to scan your Wheelchair user card in an e-mail order.
Discounts for other persons with different disabilities are not provided.



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