Laver Cup tickets sale: the currently available capacity of O2 arena allocated after five hours


The ticket sale showed that Laver Cup is the event with the absolutely highest demand in the history of O2 arena.


Laver Cup: Tickets On Sale February 24


Thousands of fans turned out to the Old Town Square in Prague today as Roger Federer, 18-time Grand Slam champion and one of the greatest players of all time, joined good friend and top ranked Czech player Tomas Berdych to officially launch the countdown to the Laver Cup.


The Inaugural Laver Cup to be held in Prague’s O2 arena


For the first time in tennis history, the world’s elite players will battle for national pride pitting Europe against The World in the Laver Cup. Named after the legendary Rod Laver, the inaugural Laver Cup will be held at the O2 arena in Prague from September 22 - 24, 2017 and will feature a unique format that will unite fierce on-court rivals as teammates. The finalists of this year’s Australian Open, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, have committed to represent the Europe Team at this unparalleled event.


O2 Arena Announces a Record-breaking year in Interest in Film Music


O2 Arena reports a record year in the area of film music. In 2017, viewers will see five performances altogether, including three spectacular film-projections accompanied by live music, and two other live shows of famous film composers. In total, O2 Arena expects attendance of 60 thousand fans of film music this year.


Ticketportal announced refund timing for the cancelled EuroFC event


The event EUROFC02 is canceled due to technical reasons. The refund process starts on 23 January, 10 am.


European Fighting Challenge (EuroFC) has decided to cancel the scheduled Prague (February 11th, 2017) event


EuroFC’s plan from the beginning has been to build an All-European sports entertainment brand an grow the market by making the sport of mixed martial arts more easily approachable and mainstream.


O2 Arena Reached New Records Last Year


O2 Arena has published information about attendance for 2016. The total number of visitors exceeded 801 thousand people at 91 events held.


Hans Zimmer to Return to Europe in 2017


After performing his first ever US concerts with Hans Zimmer Live On Tour. Prague O2 Arena will see the show on June 4, 2017.


Superstar André Rieu returns to Czech Republic in 2017


He is the one of the most exceptional artists of our time: Dutch violinist André Rieu! Following concerts in Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Germany the world famous artist returns to Czech Republic in 2017 to enchant his Czech fans in Prague.


Preparations have commenced: Laver Cup will be an exceptional event even from the perspective of the stands layout


Works related to the court preparation and design of the stands started, with the objective to maximize the sport experience and the number of spectators in O2 Arena. The works are already underway – take a look at some of the pictures. Mr. Steve Zacks, the Laver Cup Managing Director, presented the concept in O2 Arena on September 27. Together with him, the works are personally supervised by the following top managers: Robert Schaffer, O2 Arena, Vladimír Šafařík, Česká Sportovní, and Tom Larner, Laver Cup.


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