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Camera Systems

Surroundings and building of the O2 arena (building no. 2345, on the plot of land no. 3343/35, cadastral district Libeň; address Českomoravská 17a), surroundings and building of the O2 universum (building no. 2345, on plots no. 3343/32, 3343/109 and 3343/10, cadastral district Libeň, address Českomoravská 17), surroundings and building of the STAGES HOTEL PRAGUE (building no. 2521, on plots no. 3343/90 and 3343/49, cadastral district Libeň, address Českomoravská 19a), and the surroundings and the building of the Parking House (building no. 2422, cadastral district Libeň; address: Lisabonská 2) are monitored by a continuous camera system (CCTV) with a record, for the purpose of protection of property, life and health of persons, operation of all listed facilities and ensuring order and organization of events and in connection with them in the buildings O2 arena/O2 universum/STAGES HOTEL PRAGUE. The recording made from this camera system is stored for 21 calendar days from the moment of recording at the O2 arena, O2 universum and STAGES HOTEL PRAGUE and 120 hours from the moment of recording at the building of the Parking House, unless there is a legitimate reason for a longer period retention (eg. request from law enforcement authorities).

The recording shall be provided on request to data subjects, unless such request interferes with the rights of other data subjects (the recording may be modified for disclosure purposes), law enforcement authorities or other public authorities. The recording (usually without further modifications) is also provided to the event organizers if they request the recording to ensure or investigate security or order at the event, compliance with the rules of the event (eg ELH or other rules) or the organization of the event organized by Bestsport, a.s. The organizers of events handle the recording in accordance with their own rules for personal data protection applicable to events organized at Bestsport, a.s.
Data subjects are informed about the monitoring by this camera system through information boards at the place of recording, where the contact to the administrator is also given. The administrator of personal data processed in this way is, for the purposes of processing by Bestsport, a.s. the company Bestsport, a.s., ID: 24214795. In the event that the record is handed over to the event organizer in accordance with the above, the administrator of the record provided in this way is the event organizer.
Further information on the camera system can be obtained at the e-mail address or


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