Rules for visitors

The entrance

Spectators may normally enter the O2 arena 1.5 hour before the event. This may be changed based upon an agreement between the event promoter and the O2 arena Operator.

Spectators enter the O2 arena by the North entrance located on the 1st Floor accessible from Ocelarska St., the Ceskomoravska underground station and Sokolovska tram stops. This entrance in the O2 arena features 18 turnstiles and 2 gates for people with disabilities.


Barrier-free entrance

Barrier-free entrance for people with disabilities

By the North entrance located on the 1st Floor accessible from Ocelarska St., the Ceskomoravska underground station and Sokolovska tram stops. There are barrier-free entrances for people with disabilities. The O2 arena features a total of 48 seats for wheelchair users and their escorts. In each of the 103, 104, 120 and 121 sectors in rows no. 20 and 21 and in sectors no. 117 and 118, in rows no. 17 and 18, there is a platform allowing for comfortable viewing of performances to eight wheelchair users and their escorts. Due to the varied layout for individual events, it is not always possible to fully use the capacity of areas designated for wheelchair users.


If the event organizer provides a discount on admission to people with disabilities, tickets for the ZTP/P pass holders – wheelchair users or tickets for the ZTP and ZTP/P pass holders may be ordered at the call centre line (+420) 266 12 11 22 on week days from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Taking Photographs

No recording devices, albeit data, video or audio may be brought in the O2 arena. In spite of that, there are events taking place at the O2 arena whose spectators may bring, e.g., a compact camera.

Exceptions are granted by the event organizer are indicated in the Organizer’s Guidelines available in the detail section of every event.

Deposit facilities

During events, O2 arena provides for storage of valuables or large luggage in its deposit facilities. The depository is located on the left side of the O2 arena entrance.

Payment: cash only in CZK.

Approximate price list:

  • small items: CZK 20 (eg knife, umbrella, groceries)
  • medium items: CZK 50 (eg smaller backpack, bag, folding pram)
  • valuables and large items: CZK 100 (eg laptop, tablet, camera, suitcase, backpack)

The Deposit is limited in space and is mainly used for storing oversized luggage (larger than 40x30x20 cm) and other objects with which it is not possible to enter the O2 arena (via Prohibited items).

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to store explosive, highly flammable, narcotic, psychotropic, strong-smelling, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances, acids, firearms and ammunition, pressure vessels and other materials that, due to their chemical or physical properties, may cause a threat to human health or the environment or property.

Visiting Regulation
  1. By purchasing a ticket the visitor agrees with the Operating and Visiting regulations. A reclamation can only be made before entering the arena.
  2. Entry and stay in O2 arena is subject to compliance with laws, decrees and other subordinate legislation and internal regulations of O2 arena, mainly the O2 arena Operating regulations. These Operating regulations are available at all O2 arena box offices, at the info reception in the northern foyer and also at
  3. Each person entering O2 arena is obligated to behave so that no damage is caused to O2 arena or its equipment and to maintain cleanliness and order.
  4. Entry into O2 arena is at one’s own risk.
  5. The operator of O2 arena reserves the right to refuse entry to or to usher out anyone who does not comply with the regulations, i.e., the Operating regulations and other legal regulations, and also with the Organizer’s instructions, or any person whose behavior is deemed unacceptable by the operator.
  6. Each person who by his or her actions induces suspicion of the commitment of a criminal act listed in Act no. 140/1961 Coll., as amended (hereinafter referred to as “Criminal Code”), or of an offense, will be ushered out of the O2 arena and handed over to the CR Police, i.e., the person that:a. intentionally or out of negligence causes or increases general danger, or makes its prevention or mitigation more difficult (§ 180 Criminal Code, e.g., fire, flood, i.e., if there is a threat of immediate danger of a great extent to the visitors),
    b. offers Visitors an intoxicating or psychotropic substance (§ 187 of the Criminal Code),
    c. entices Visitors to abuse an addictive substance other than alcohol (§ 188 a) of the Criminal Code),
    d. intentionally spreads or out of negligence causes or increases the danger of the introduction or dispersion of a contagious disease (§ 190 of the Criminal Code),
    e. uses violence against a group of Visitors or an individual or threatens to cause them harm (§ 196 of the Criminal Code),
    f. publicly slanders a nation, language, ethnic group or race, political belief, faith, etc. (§ 198 of the Criminal Code),
    g. publicly provokes hate against a nation, ethnic group, race, religion, class (§ 198a),
    h. publicly spreads an alarming message (§ 199 of the Criminal Code, e.g., without reason announces the placing of an explosive or without reason calls for help, etc.),
    i. commits a gross indecency or disorder by, for example, interfering in an organized sports match, attacks a Visitor or group of Visitors, etc. (§ 202 of the Criminal Code),
    j. intentionally or out of negligence causes severe injury to the health of another Visitor (§ 224 of the Criminal Code),
    k. uses violence against another Visitor in the sense of attempting to take possession of someone else’s belongings (§ 234 of the Criminal Code),
    l. considerably damages, or makes unusable, any item in O2 arena and thus causes damage to someone else’s property and this damage is not negligible ( § 257 of the Criminal Code).
  7. Entry into O2 arena will be permitted to immobile persons (persons in wheelchairs) if the type and nature of the Event does not put the First Above Ground Floor out of operation, i.e., if it will not be possible to use the platform reserved for persons in wheelchairs and or the Event Organizer does not make it possible for certain reasons.
  8. Upon request by an Authorized Person, the Visitor is obligated to present a valid ticket, if his or her stay on the premises of O2 arena is based on the purchase and proper presentation of a ticket. If the Visitor does not present a valid ticket, he or she will be asked to leave the premises of the arena, and if the Visitor does not comply with this request, he or she will be ushered out. A ticket to O2 arena is only valid for the stated day, hour, event, place and the sector, row and place stated on the ticket. The ticket is valid only if it is unchanged, undamaged, complete, i.e., with the control stub, and the ticket entitles the Visitor to only one entry into O2 arena, unless re-entry is permitted based on agreement of the Event Organizer and Operator.
  9. Anyone who notices a defect on O2 arena’s premises or equipment that could jeopardize the safety of persons or damage property is obligated to report such defect immediately to the Authorized Person.
  10. If any person is injured, anyone who notices this happening is obligated to notify the Authorized Person or arena Operator. O2 arena’s Operator is not liable for damages caused to the property or health of visitors if they are caused by an irresponsible approach of other persons that are present.
  11. Each person entering O2 arena agrees to a personal security check and a luggage inspection carried out with the aim of ensuring the security of other persons in O2 arena. Refusal of the check is a reason for restriction of entry into O2 arena.
  12. Visitors are not allowed to bring into O2 arena any alcohol, umbrellas (with the exception of folding umbrellas if it is raining), food and beverages (with the exception of substantiated health reasons), bottles, pressurized items, containers of all types (glass or PET bottles, cans, tins, etc.), unworn clothes, political and advertising materials (it is possible to bring advertising materials into the VIP area after prior consent of the Operator), glass or glass items, drugs, toxic and intoxicating substances, excessive sized baggage, weapons (thrusting, cutting, firing, etc.), poles/rods (selfie sticks, flagpoles, pole handles etc.), scissors, laptop computers (with the exception of VIP floors), any kind of recording device, namely data, video and audio (exceptions are generally granted by the Event Organizer), explosive substances (blasting agents, detonating agents and explosive flammable substances), flammable substances, binoculars, telescopes, perfumes – more than 100 ml (upon request of an arena security worker during the entry security check, the owner is obligated to try the perfume on him or herself), lacquers or spray deodorants – more than 100 ml (upon request of an arena security worker during the entry security check, the owner is obligated to try the spray deodorant on him or herself), children’s prams (including the so called “strollers”), bicycles, scooters (and other transportation means or sports instruments and equipment) and other dangerous items that could cause damage to health or property of the O2 arena, Event Organizer and Visitors. The O2 arena Operator or Event Organizer has the right to decide whether specific items are dangerous or not.
  13. The Event Organizer can — upon agreement with the Operator — also stipulate which specific items cannot be brought into O2 arena for a specific event. The Organizer’s decision will always be made so that it does not breach the specific provisions of O2 arena regulations. The Event Organizer’s rights and obligations are regulated by the contracts concluded for each specific Event.
  14. Only food and beverages purchased in the arena may be consumed in O2 arena. The food and beverages can only be consumed in designated areas; during some Events it is completely prohibited to bring food and beverages into the area of the seating and onto the floor.
  15. In O2 arena it is strictly prohibited to throw any items onto the ice or production area and in the seating areas.
  16. Visitors are prohibited to enter O2 arena with animals, with the exception of assistance dogs for the physically handicapped.
  17. Smoking is prohibited in O2 arena. Use of open fire is prohibited in O2 arena.
  18. Entry into O2 arena will be refused to persons with any type of recording devices, namely data, video and audio, unless stipulated otherwise by the Operator after agreement with the Event Organizer. Transmission and assistance with transmission, production of images and reproduction of the Event in any way, including the Internet and mobile phones, is prohibited. Taking photographs and making video and audio recordings during the Event, including breaks, is prohibited. Any video and audio recordings made in O2 arena, on it or in it, cannot be used for commercial purposes without consent of the O2 arena Operator and Event Organizer. The unauthorized use, transmission or reproduction of a logo or registered trademark of O2 arena is prohibited. In O2 arena it is prohibited to participate in any marketing and advertising activities without prior consent of the Operator.
  19. Each person entering O2 arena agrees, without any further notification, with the free-of-charge use of his/her image or portrait as a part of any video recording, transmission or reproduction of the match for commercial or promotional purposes, namely within the scope of the displaying of the entire Event, or part of the Event, in connection with O2 arena, Event Organizer and his contractual partners (e.g., sponsors).
  20. Each person entering O2 arena is obligated to return items found in O2 arena to the Operator, Authorized Person or Event Organizer.
  21. Compensation of all damage caused by the Visitor will be claimed pursuant to the relevant valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic.
  22. The O2 arena Operator and Event Organizer do not accept any responsibility for the loss of items or their theft by other persons, with the exception of those items that the O2 arena Operator or Event Organizer accepted for safekeeping on premises specially designated for this purpose (e.g., changing rooms).
  23. The Visitor acknowledges that the entire O2 arena facility with adjoining areas is monitored by industrial cameras.
  24. In the event of evacuation of the O2 arena facility, each person that is in the facility at the time is obligated to comply with the Fire Alarm Guideline and Evacuation Plan and with the instructions of Authorized Persons managing the evacuation.
  25. Each person is obligated to absolutely comply with the ban on the promotion of political parties and associations.
  26. Pursuant to Act no. 379/2005 Coll., on Protective measures against damage caused by tobacco products (point 17), alcohol (point 14) and other addictive substances, and on a change of related laws, the availability of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages is restricted on premises of O2 arena.a. Restricted availability of tobacco products
    On premises of O2 arena it is prohibited to sell tobacco products to persons younger than 18. The sale of tobacco products in O2 arena is also prohibited during public Events that are designated for persons younger than 18, i.e., Events for which children’s tickets (stipulated for children based on the child’s age and/or height) are sold.b. Smoking ban
    Smoking is prohibited on premises of O2 arena. If a visitor to O2 arena does not comply with the smoking ban, even after being asked by the O2 arena Operator to stop or to leave the premises, the O2 arena Operator is authorized to request the municipal police, or the Czech Republic Police, to take action leading to compliance with the ban.c. Restricted availability of alcoholic beverages
    O2arena is a cultural facility as well as a public food services facility operated on the basis of hospitality services, therefore on premises of O2 arena it is permitted to sell and serve alcoholic beverages. But it is always prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages to persons younger than 18 on premises of O2 arena. The sale of alcoholic beverages on premises of O2 arena is also prohibited during public Events that are designated for persons younger than 18. Events that are expressly designated for children by the Event promoter in the Organizer’s Instructions, or Events for which at least 75% of all tickets sold are sold in the children’s tickets category (stipulated for children according to the child’s age and/or height). Alcoholic beverages, with the exception of draft beer with an extract of original beer wort of 10 percent by weight or less, may also not be sold in O2 arena during public sports Events. Public sports Events are Events taking place within the scope of any official sports competition organized by a sports association registered in the Czech Republic where sports results are objectively measured during such a sports Event.