Prohibited items

It is not allowed to bring in the O2 arena:

  • alcohol
  • food and beverages (except for health reasons)
  • bottles, containers of all kinds (glass or PET bottles, cans, etc.)
  • pressurized objects
  • glass or glass objects
  • drugs, toxic and narcotic drugs
  • explosive and flammable substances
  • perfumes – over 100 ml
  • spray paints or deodorants – over 100 ml
  • excess luggage (bigger than 40 x 30 x 20 cm)
  • weapons (stabbing, cutting, shooting, etc.), scissors
  • poles/rods (selfie sticks, flagpoles, pole handles etc.)
  • objects with a laser beam
  • drones
  • unworn clothing
  • laptops and tablets, any kind of recording devices, data, image and audio, besides personal mobile phone (exceptions are usually granted by the event organizer). Laptops, tablets and other devices are allowed only for guests at VIP floor – 2nd and 3rd floor at O2 arena
  • professional cameras with detachable lens (only pocket cameras are allowed)
  • binoculars (except binoculars and theatrical peepholes up to 15 cm long)
  • umbrellas (except in the case of rain)
  • prams (including so-called “golf clubs”)
  • bicycles, scooters (etc., means of transport or sports aids and equipment)
  • ambush (so-called harmful) marketing products
  • political and promotional materials (it is possible to bring promotional materials to the VIP after the prior consent of the O2 arena operator)
  • Other dangerous objects that could cause damage to health or property, both O2 arena and event organizers and visitors. The operator of the O2 arena or the event organizer has the right to decide on the individual items.

Please use our Deposit in front of the O2 arena for storage of some of prohibited items (via Rules for visitors – Deposit facilities).