APASSIONATA – Europe’s most popular family show with horses returns to Prague under a new name CAVALLUNA

march 2, 2020
Europe’s most popular family show with horses is returning to the O2 arena with its latest show “Secret of Eternity” – the first stop at the Czech capitol under the new brand name CAVALLUNA. The last time the ensemble visited Prague was to present its production APASSIONATA – “Cinema of Dreams” to more than 20,000 people in December 2016. So far, the popular show has been known to the Czech Republic by the brand APASSIONATA. After improvements and further developments in quality and production, it is now presenting its new name to the audience in Prague. The shows Cavalluna – “Secret of Eternity” will take place in O2 arena on February 27th, 2021 (14:00 and 19:00)

“With CAVALLUNA we are focusing on what we have been best at for many years: unforgettable, passionate performances that radiate our love of horses and touch the hearts of people all over Europe,” managing director Johannes Mock-O’Hara explains the renaming.

Composer and director Klaus Hillebrecht, who is also an Emmy nominee, is CAVALLUNA’s creative mastermind. Over one million people across Germany and Europe have enjoyed the beautiful imagery, the magnificent productions and the unique soundtracks of APASSIONATA – “Companions of Light”, CAVALLUNA – “World of Fantasy” and CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert”. The new programme “Secret of Eternity” follows in the footsteps of its successful predecessors. 

CAVALLUNA, the popular show format with 17 years of experience and a seasoned team on stage and behind the scenes, is presenting its new production in more than 30 cities. The show’s outstanding quality can not only be attributed to the beautiful horses but the admired teams of riders surrounding Luis Valença, Bartolo Messina, Sebastián Fernández, Sylvie Willms, the trick riders of the Hasta Luego Academy and numerous spectacular new acts.

CAVALLUNA – “Secret of Eternity” promises spectacular riding performances combined with artistic show acts and emotional musical compositions – woven together by a fantastic storyline: Mamey, the beautiful daughter of a mysterious tribe travels across Central America in order to return the Stone of Eternity to its rightful owners, her people. On the journey she comes across a young farmer named Joaquim who finds himself on the same mission – and so they set off on an exciting adventure. Will they discover the “Secret of Eternity”? CAVALLUNA is a total work of art with awe-inspiring details fascinating audiences all over Europe, no matter their age, with its combination of breathtaking activities, complete harmony and amusing surprises on stage.


Tickets for the shows on February 27th 2021 (14:00 and 19:00) will be available from March 4th at 9 am on Ticketmaster and Ticketportal.

The event is organized by Semmel Concerts and Bestsport.

More information about the show at www.cavalluna.com.