Part-Time Job

If you are interested in a part-time job at the O2 arena, use the following contacts:

For a part-time job at a fast food stand (Fast food):
Martina Farková / e-mail:

For a part-time job at V.I.P. floors as catering and bartenders:
Veronika Čiháková / e-mail:

For a part-time job at V.I.P. floor (kitchen):
Kateřina Vaculová / e-mail:

For a part-time job as a hostess:
agency TESS promotion with r. o. / e-mail:

For a part-time job in organizing service:
G4S Secure Solutions (CZ), a.s. / e-mail:

Important notification


To enter the venue, you will need to prove yourself in person with one of the following documents:


  • National vaccination certificate of Covid-19
  • Laboratory confirmation with evidence of Covid illness in the past 180 days
  • Confirmation from the health service provider of a negative result of the PCR test – not older than 7 days before entry
  • Confirmation from the health service provider of a negative result of the antigen test – not older than 72 hours before entry

More information can be found HERE