FIBA EuroBasket 2022 is here

november 3, 2021

The biggest sport event of the year 2022 is coming up! TOP six European teams will play EuroBasket games at one of the most modern arena in Europe. Support your favorite team and don’t miss chance to watch players with MVP titles from NBA or Euroleague on one basketball court. Buy tickets now and enjoy spectacular EuroBasket games.

You can/have to buy tickets as packages.

Ticket prices for each/any match:

  • 1.category 1490 CZK
  • 2.category 1090 CZK
  • 3.category 790 CZK
  • 4.category 490 CZK

FOLLOW MY TEAM (all 5 matches of your team) – package from 2450 CZK (5x 490)
DAY PASS (all 3 matches of the given day) – package from 1470 CZK (3x 490)
AFTERNOON SESSION (the first 2 matches of the given day) – package from 980 CZK (2x 490)
NIGHT SESSION (last 2 matches of the given day) – package from 980 CZK (2x 490)

Purchase procedure

Select required number of the seats at the first match of the package. Your choise could go through the price categories.

When you confirm the selection of the seats at the first match by clicking orange Basket button, the system automatically moved you to the next match of the package. You have to select the same number of the seats there. Selected seats could differ between the matches as well as to price categories.

The system will allow you to pay for the selected seats after selecting the last seat of the last match. THe final price adds all selected seats, it couldn’t correspond with multiple any package price category.

There are marked special sections for every team fans in the map.

Promoter’s orders

By purchasing you agree with FIBA rules.