During events, O2 arena provides for storage of valuables or large luggage in its deposit facilities. The depository is located on the left side of the O2 arena entrance.

Payment: cash only in CZK.

Approximate price list:

  • small items: CZK 20 (eg knife, umbrella, groceries)
  • medium items: CZK 50 (eg smaller backpack, bag, folding pram)
  • valuables and large items: CZK 100 (eg laptop, tablet, camera, suitcase, backpack)

The Deposit is limited in space and is mainly used for storing oversized luggage (larger than 40x30x20 cm) and other objects with which it is not possible to enter the O2 arena (via Prohibited items).

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to store explosive, highly flammable, narcotic, psychotropic, strong-smelling, toxic or otherwise dangerous substances, acids, firearms and ammunition, pressure vessels and other materials that, due to their chemical or physical properties, may cause a threat to human health or the environment or property.