Important notice for visitors of the O2 arena

june 30, 2016
For Thursday’s concert by Black Sabbath the O2 arena will open all 30 entrances plus two special entrances for disabled people.

As with other recent sold-out concerts by Paul McCartney and Muse, the O2 arena warns that long queues will form with most visitors arriving shortly before the concert begins – on average 80% of the audience arrive in the last thirty minutes before the start of an event. However, entrances are usually open 90 minutes before the start, and this will be also be the case for Black Sabbath’s concert.

With its 32 entrances the O2 arena is one of the world record holders among multi-purpose arenas. However, it cannot compromise the strict security checks and rules it has enforced since it opened, which have gradually become the standard for similar venues around the world. Following the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium and France the O2 arena, in collaboration with the Czech Police, has had to strengthen these measures. During the last two years the O2 arena has invested in extensive reconstruction work and security, including new security scanners and x-ray machines.