There is another possibility to meet the band Rybičky 48 before the concert

october 1, 2022

Guys, a few days ago we did a competition to meet the band before the concert at the O2 arena. A lot of you wrote to us that you can’t get into the draw because you’ve already had your ticket for two years.

That’s why there is an opportunity for everyone who has already bought a ticket or wants it by 3.10. you will buy by 11:59 p.m. All tickets from the entire sales period will go into a draw and 5 winners will meet us before the concert. We can take a photo and you might even get a gift.

You can take a partner, a friend, or a step-acquaintance, or anyone with a valid ticket, to the meeting with the band.
The winners will find out about the win on our social media. networks and will be contacted by email at the same time.

Concert at the O2 arena

Competition rules

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