This year, for the second time, Divokej Bill returns to Prague’s O2 arena. The band will play at the Cesky mejdan s Impulsem on October 19, 2024.

january 24, 2024

The Cesky mejdan s Impulsem, a traditional domestic music event, will take place for the eighth time, and Radio Impuls will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Fans of this unique concert for all generations who live Czech music will be pleased to hear that the largest hall in the Czech Republic, the O2 arena Prague, will once again come alive with another annual of the Cesky mejdan s Impulsem.

It will be on Saturday, October 19, 2024.

The event organizers are gradually revealing the names of the traditional marathon full of great music. They believe that the latest news will also delight the visitors. Radio Impuls, just like the band Divokej Bill, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Therefore, the band DIVOKEJ BILL will return to the O2 arena, where they sold out for their January birthday concert, one more time. Yes, the lineup of the Cesky mejdan s Impulsem 2024 has just gained the wild group of guys from Úvaly. They will perform live not only the new tracks from the excellent last album Bazilišek but also the hits that simply belong to Bill. You will hear Rozárka, Plakala, or Čmelák, which Impuls listeners love.

For the first time at this musical event, world hits known from the repertoire of the famous group Queen will also sound. After all, Radio Ga-Ga is the right hit for a radio birthday celebration. The most famous Czech tribute band of world format, QUEENIE, which has conquered the O2 arena in a grand style several times, will bring the most famous hits of the immortal Freddie Mercury to the Cesky mejdan s Impulsem 2024. Those who have seen this formation live know that this “Show must go on,” and they will definitely enjoy it.

Another name of the Cesky mejdan s Impulsem 2024 is already traditional and Czech. MICHAL HRŮZA will head to the O2 arena again. His name guarantees that you will sing along to well-known hits like Zakázané uvolnění, Černý brejle, Pro Emu, or Napořád.

And that’s not all by far. Other names will be announced soon. It is certain that the lineup of the 8th edition of the Cesky mejdan s Impulsem will be magnificent again, featuring both traditional and completely new names! And there will also be surprising musical collaborations. Let’s remember that among the performers of previous editions were names like Karel Gott, Lucie Bílá, Kryštof, Hana Zagorová, Chinaski, Peter Nagy, Richard Müller, Vašo Patejdl, Marie Rottrová, Václav Neckář, Xindl X, Mirai, Jelen, or the party king Michal David.

The best seats are always in high demand, so we advise: ‘Buy your ticket before others.’ VIP Experience tickets with seating right by the stage and catering are also available for purchase. Tickets can be purchased through the Ticketportal and Ticketmaster sales networks. The concert producers are Radio Impuls, Stratex Communication, and Bestsport.