Ticket Prices for Prague PlayOffs from 490,- CZK

march 20, 2018
Daily ticket prices for the world's biggest event of showjumping series – Global Champions Prague PlayOffs 2018 – start from 490 CZK. Ticket sale for the prestigious competition, starring elite horses and riders from all over the world, that will be held in O2 arena from December 13th to December 16th, is going to start on Monday, 26th March 9.00 o 'clock.

A brand new format of competition in the prestigious Global Champions will be held with the participation of elite riders and horses. Each of the competition days will offer one of the sporting highlights with a record total prize money of almost  12 million euro. For fans who want to enjoy the complete galashow, the organizers prepared “the packages of the tickets” for the entire program, divided into five blocks.

„The effort of Czech Equestrian Team as an organizer is to promote the equestrian sport in the Czech republic, that is why we want the tickets to be available to the majority of fans of this beautiful segment connected with horses. That is why the cheapest category of the tickets does not exceed 500 Czech crowns,” said Jan Andrlík, Organizing Committee chairman.

Prices of the daily tickets in the 1st category (= 1st floor of the O2 arena), range from 1290 CZK to 1990 CZK.

Prices of the daily tickets to the 4th floor range from 490 CZK to 990 CZK.

For those interested are also prepared “the packages of the tickets” valued from 2090 CZK to 6990 CZK. “In case of  these packages,  visitor will receive a package of individual tickets, that he can share with another family member or a friend, so up to five persons can see the program of Prague PlayOffs 2018 on one bought package,” added Andrlík.

The program has its highlights every day.“On Thursday a quarterfinals of the Super Cup is prepared, it means the playoff of the team competition Global Champions League. In case of qualifications for Prague PlayOffs, also the riders of Prague Lions should enter the competition so we hope Czech fans would take a chance to enjoy their performance. Of course we believe in their best result and their possible progress into next rounds to meet the four best teams from overall standings, nevertheless Thursday is a day when fans can look forward to Prague Lions in quarterfinals,” Andrlík said.

Saturday is the only competition day with program divided into two sessions. The morning program will be attractive especially for families with children and those who want to cheer more fore Czech riders in the lower category of competitions. “The morning session will be closed by a show program. Children up to 140 centimeters have an extra 50% discount on this,”said Andrlík. In the afternoon session, Super Grand Prix with 16 best riders from previous Longines Global Champions Tour competitions will be the highlight to watch.

Sunday brings the the big final: Super Cup as the highest competition of the whole extended weekend in Prague. The best teams and best riders of the most prestigious series will perform.

Ticket sale for Global Champions Prague PlayOffs 2018 begins on Monday March 26th at 9.00 o’clock via Ticketportal (www.ticketportal.cz).
All the detailed information are to find on www.pragueplayoffs.com.


Basic information

Name:                                       Global Champions Prague PlayOffs 2018

Dates :                                      13th December – 16th December

Venue :                                     O2 Aarena, Prague

Participants:                            16 best teams in the world + 16 best riders in the world

Tickets:                                    daily tickets – 1st floor: 1290 CZK – 1990 CZK, 4th floor: 490 CZK – 990 CZK

                                                 packages of tickets: 2090 CZK – 6990 CZK

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